About the artist

Brushes and paints became Peter Gluzberg’s friends in early childhood. He grew up in the little town of Bender, Moldova and got his art education at Kharkov Academe of Arts. Gluzberg later taught at Kishinev Pedagogical Institute.
In 1991 he immigrated with his family to Israel and settled in a kibbutz in Galilee. The new country and the nature that surrounded him were quite different from what he’d known before. Bright sun, light transparent shadows, vibrating color, reflection of heated air all caused him to reconsider the established pictorial system.
In a year, 1992 Gluzberg had his first small exhibition in Israel. He gradually became acquainted with artists and artistic life in his new surroundings. Since 1993 Gluzberg began to participate in exhibitions of artist’s immigrants in Tel Aviv.
Eventually Peter Gluzberg got his first solo exhibition. Soon afterwards, he became a member of the International Symposiums on plein air. With this group of artists, he worked in Norway, Germany and France.
“Turning to the heart of the viewer, Peter Gluzberg became one of the few genuine artists recreating tradition of impressionistic plein air painting where this tradition has not developed. Most of the scenes depicted in his works appear for the first time on an artist’s canvas and create a whole new approach to painting.
Peter Gluzberg not only draws upon both Russian and Israeli artistic traditions, but also fills a lacuna in the culture of both countries. With his works he introduces a new style that could be described as Mediterranean or even Eretz Israeli impressionism, a rare example of en plein air painting celebrating the uniqueness of nature`s every mood transcending that of man and his deeds.
He has gained recognition the of curators and critics in different cities in Israel. In 2009 he was awarded the Jacob Fihman Prize.”
Alek D. Epstein, сhairman of the Center for Research in Contemporary Art. Moscow – Jerusalem.